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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Meet Karen Cooper

Karen Cooper is the 10-year-old girl zombie in the 1968 documentary "Night of the Living Dead." Karen, you may remember, gets bitten by the walking dead, dies, and rises again in her family's basement. Upon her re-animation, Karen eats her dad and kills her mom in a memorable scene with a garden trowel. Karen's face is certainly a recognizable icon that symbolizes the best in the horror genre. Karen was played by Kyra Schon. She has a website that discusses her involvement in the film. Kyra is now an artist that sells some NOTLD inspired memorabilia - including my favorite new gift idea, custom signed trowels. Perfect gifts when having guests for dinner!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am still alive ha ha ha...bring it on...i see dead ppl

7:38 AM  

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