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Monday, April 11, 2005

Trend Analysis

I happened across this site today, AmIAnnoying.com (Dead Before 40). Although the site includes many lists, this one is a list of people that died before they turned 40. Since I turned 39 on Friday, this seemed appropriate. The premise of the site is to collect votes for how annoying each person is. You will see that murderers and terrorists are generally regarded as more annoying than their victims. What I found interesting was a couple other trends. First, there seem to be more women than men dying in their teens. The opposite is true when you get into the thirties. Next, for such a small percentage of the (famous) population, pro wrestlers seem to die young at an alarming rate (perhaps due to bad habits?). Lastly, I notice that, in most cases, the decedents all died from a violent encounter or self-inflicted abuse. Not a lot of "natural deaths" among the under 40 set.


IT Princess said...

Well, I now have a vast wealth of useless knowledge about dead famous people :)

2:47 PM  
Prince Of Darkness said...

To go with the vast wealth of knowledge about nothing in particular? ;)

12:11 PM  

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