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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Looking for the "Death Mobile"

Saw in the news that a museum is willing to pay $1 million for the Porsche that James Dean died in. story I am guessing that this museum knows about our little group and thinks they can start their own "death party drive-in" with folks like us shelling out big buck to sit in famous death-mobiles. Maybe. But will they let you party in the backseat with your favorite cold and clammy mammy? I think not. Party With the Dead kicks any musuems butt!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sweet Suicide

You might have seen them on HBO, but the web site called Suicide Girls has super hot photos of leather and lace, goth, pinup girls. More revealing that the pinups from 60 years ago, but certainly a modern take on the concept. Founded by Missy Suicide, the site includes journal entries and other features in addition to the photo spreads. Hey, they also have a book! Enjoy.

Soundtrack for the eternal party

Came across a record in the UK by the Ripmen called Party with the Dead. That is one kick-ass name for an album. We may have to get a copy just to give it a listen at the next PWTD national convention in Death Valley. Yeah, that'll be cool!