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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Demon Throne

A huge chair that will be used to lie in wait, hold candy, light up, and can be used for taking pictures with the kids. It will be multi-part for easy transport and will have room for lots of storage. "You could fit four bodies in there, easy." See photos of this project here.

Pumpkin Fogger

So, first, I was thinking that it might be neat to use some cyalume sticks in the pumpkins this year, instead of the more traditional candles. You can get some neat colors, and some downright cool effects with the sticks. However, you lose that nice flicker effect of the candles. So then, with Mr. October's purchase of a new fogging machine, we now have an additional one to play with for other effects. I've been researching on how to move fog to various locations without having it condense too much or disperse too much and I'm planning now to run pipes/tubes to the inside of a few of the pumpkins to make the fog come out of the mouth/eyes.

Scarecrow crosses for pumpkin patch

We will have some live performers in the demonic pumpkin patch this year. Disguised as evil scarecrows, they need a place to hang out (and to lunge from). Jeepers Creepers comes to mind.

Fallen angel platform

We need to make some kind of pedestal or platform for our local fallen angel to perch upon. Ideas include a stone platform and a flaming garden from hell.

Cemetery posts

I have a new collection of ceramic garden pillars. They look like miniature gothic columns (2 feet tall). These will get a stone finish and perhaps some gargoyle or urn cap. Then they will either line the path for visitors or be intermingled with the tombstones.