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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Several friends have pointed me to the vomit barrel prop that features a zombie vomiting into a 55 gallon drum. Rather than buy one of those, we started thinking about a more practical application.

We started with the idea of a fountain that would pump into a head (body optional) and then out the mouth. Then we decided to pump blood, so we could maybe have it drip or leak from other openings. Then we decided to make it a drinking fountain so you could put a cup under the head and catch a bloody drink!

We got a skull and spine from Halloween Outlet. We also picked up a HUGE cauldron there. We ordered a submersible fountain pump.

We gutted the skull and ran PVC up the spine with a tube coming out the mouth. We filled the skull with Great Stuff to give it some stability. The base of the PVC spine has a ball valve so we can control the flow of blood.

Pictures coming as soon as I find about 25 gallons of Kool-Aid


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